The History of "Martini Man"

    My history and interest in creating great martinis is really very simple. Several years ago, while visiting a favorite restaurant, I decided I wanted something other than my usual Captain and Coke. Looking through the drink menu, I discovered one that sounded good; I ordered my first "Cosmopolitan." Sounded kind of fruity! Wow....Hooked!
    A week or so later I had another "Cosmo" in a different setting. It wasn't as good and it cost more than the one from a week ago... So, a man on a mission was born: How can I create a great cosmo and not pay someone else $7-$15 to do what I can do at home? Two weeks later, Dan's Cosmo was created and the "Martini Man" was born.
    Please enjoy Dan's Cosmo and the other great martini recipes. If you need a little help on the basics then be sure to check out the Supplies page and the Basic Technique page. Also visit "Reviews, Tips and New Recipes." We'll review some great places for great drinks...In addition, I'll post new recipes here. "The Martinis" page lists the basic bar I try to keep on hand at all times....Enjoy!!!