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Alright, first and foremost, what you need to have a Martini are the ingredients. Now lets move past that and onto the supplies you will need to shake a good Martini.

The Shaker:  This is the capsule that will help you create all of your Martinis. There are hundreds on the market; I prefer a nice metal one, but simply pick one that fits you.
Double Jigger: This is a Martini Man's best friend...well beside his Martini.
 Now this is where it gets tricky, not all best friends are created equal. A jigger consists of two opposing cones. The traditional jigger is equal to 1 shot or 1.5 fl oz...this is usually the larger end, while on a traditional double jigger the smaller cone is equal to a pony shot or 1 fl oz.
 The hardest part of all...a ton of Double Jiggers are not traditional!!!
The Double Jigger I use has 2 fl. oz. and 1 fl. oz. (it is not so clearly marked)
 Having the correct measurements could be make it or break it on your favorite Martini, so be careful.
Finally we get to the iconic Martini Glass:
 Though this is not required it might be the most fun to shop for. Simply put, find something that you enjoy.